Kingsbridge Martial Arts was founded in 1987 by Sensei David Denov. It consisted then of a small storage room in an apartment building that had been converted into a training room and was able to be used by 7-10 people comfortably. After a couple of years, we grew to the point where this room could no longer fulfill our needs, so we moved to the Crawford Adventist Academy, where it ran successfully until July 2015.

The original philosophy of Kingsbridge Martial Arts was to keep the class sizes small and the prices low, so that anyone could afford good Martial Arts training, and so that everyone was able to be effectively guided down their own individual paths of learning. Although we now have a much bigger room to train in, the instructors at KMA still feel that we train like a small dojo (Japanese for "Place To Learn The Way") and will continue to do so.


Chief Instructor: Sensei David Denov
(416) 892-1243

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